My Life List

“I’d like to repeat the advice that I gave you before, in that I think you really should make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt. So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun”


By the end of 2018 Holly and I will be busy adjusting to life as parents following the birth of our beautiful boy in September, the biggest day of our lives thus far. In preparation we will have moved to a bigger apartment and found a lovely maid to help us in raising our newborn.

With regards to work I will have updated my logbook and sorted my EASA ATPL with a view to looking for alternative opportunities abroad. I will continue to work hard to further develop my operation and passion for aviation.

Health wise my back will be completely healed due to a new schedule of self maintenance and physio work. On top of this I’ll be far more consistent with regards to exercise and healthy living habits, sticking to my morning routine that incorporates yoga and/or some other form of physical exercise. I’ll also be hiking a great deal more and have tried a few new activities including dancing and martial arts. As a result I’ll be as fit as I’ve ever been having achieved my desired body fat percentage of 14%. Further more my mental health will be vastly improved due to a more consistent practice of meditation and reading and writing that I’ve also incorporated into my morning routine.

In my spare time I will have visited 5 new counties and continued to develop my blog as a traveling lifestyle-based website that explores the question of how to live a healthier and happier life, as well as documenting my travels. I will have further developed my Cantonese with a view to becoming fluent in the following years. I will have also taken up a few new hobbies and started to learn how to ride a motorbike. I will have taken the time to volunteer for a charity as well as sponsor another I feel is close to my heart. Financially I’ll be in very good shape having organised them by sorting out a tracking/savings system for the both of us as we prepare to start a family together…

2018 GOALS


  1. Had the most fantastic time at EcoCamp in Torres del Paine, hiking/exploring the extraordinary Patagonia, Chile.
  2. A wonderful baby moon in Okinawa or somewhere else.
  3. There are no words to describe the overwhelming pride and joy as I hold my first (second) child in my arms for the very first time.
  4. Had some awesome new work trips to new exciting destinations including Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin.


1. I’m feeling as fit and mobile as I ever have having finally mended my chronic back issues. (First steps will be to continue seeing physio and see the doctor again to discuss other possible avenues of healing).
2. I’m proud to have become far more consistent having maintained my daily routine of positive reading, writing and meditation as well as stretching and learning how to converse in Cantonese throughout the year. This includes having continued with my weekly and monthly tracking system in order to remain motivated/consistent.
3. Pleased to have improved my consistency exercising at least 5 times every week this year including trying martial arts and dancing classes among other things.
4. Body fat percentage goal of 14-15%


1. To attain my Relief Qualification
2. To update logbook.


1. To organise finances with Holly and set up tracking and savings system with future targets in mind


1. To read at least 2 books every month. (20 total by end of the year).
2. To post three blog entries per month
3. To redesign blog into a traveling lifestyle/betterment site


1. To learn how to converse in Cantonese.
2. To take dance lessons/martial arts lessons.


1. To sponsor/invest in renewable energies
2. To find a cause to work for/support


  1. I’m so proud to have learnt fluent French
  2. I’m so proud to have finally received my 4 bars and become a captain for one of the world’s greatest airlines or something better
  3. Feeling so proud and peaceful following the completion of the New York marathon in under 4 hours along side my brother.
  4. I’m proud to have learnt how to dive again on holiday to the Philippines and/or Indonesia
  5. I’m delighted to attain a motorcycle license in Hong Kong or somewhere better
  6. We’re feeling triumphant having climbed to the top of Mt. Kinabalu
  7. We’re feeling triumphant having climbed to Everest base camp
  8. We’re so happy to have made the trek up to the majestic Tigers nest monastery in Bhutan
  9. I’m proud to have learnt how to surf on holiday in Hawaii or somewhere better
  10. We’re so happy to swim along side these beautiful dolphins in New Zealand or somewhere better
  11. We’re feeling incredible after an amazing Yoga retreat in Bali or somewhere better
  12. I’m so proud to become a published writer, helping friends and others in the process or something better
  13. I’m feeling extremely proud to help build a better world by working abroad or something better
  14. I’m excited to be on holiday with my close friends snowboarding in Austria or somewhere better
  15. I’m excited to be on holiday with my close friends snowboarding in Canada or somewhere better
  16. I’m in awe of the majestic Iguazu falls on our epic trip around South America over a decade after I toured South America with Beacher in 2006
  17. I’m in awe of the Great Wall of China during our quick visit to Beijing
  18. I’m loving the panda bears and spicy food in Chengdu
  19. I’m so happy to finally be touring Croatia with my sweetheart
  20. I’m proud to have a built a very popular online travelling based lifestyle blog
  21. Proud to have learnt how to speak Cantonese
  22. Feeling fantastic having finally got Lasec eye surgery


1. I feel extremely happy at finally meeting my sponsored child on a trip to Ethiopia or something better
2. I’m in awe of the great pyramids of Giza having finally seen them in person, a childhood dream, after so long.
3. I’m so happy to be settling down into our dream home in our dream suburb in the city of San Fransisco/Vancouver or somewhere better
4. I’m amazed to find myself on a boat visiting Antartica


  1.  I’m exhilarated having had the privilege to fly at the controls of a Supermarine Spitfire, my dream aircraft.
  2. I’m proud to have invested wisely and in the process, amass a portfolio of properties around the world or something better.
  3. We’re so happy and proud to have set up this charity for a cause we strongly belief in or something better.
  4. I’m the proud owner of a brand new racing green Aston Martin Vanquish or something better.
  5. I’m so proud and excited to have written and had published my own book or something better.



  1. I was so proud to join Holly on her very first yoga retreat that she ran in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  2. Was an absolute honour to attend Al and Heathers wedding in the beautiful Pugli region of Italy and serve as one of his best men. We had an awesome weekend that included exploring the remarkable town of Matera.
  3. Had an epic tour of Sicily followed by the south of France as we made our way to the Dordogne following Al and Heathers wedding.
  4. We had the best time of our lives during our Wedding weekend over September 14-18th in the South of France with all our closet friends and family.
  5. We had a very romantic mini moon through the south of France and into Spain including Bordeaux, San Sebastián, Bilbao and Madrid.
  6. I was overwhelmed having surprised Mum by showing up without her knowing to celebrate her 60th birthday. It was such an honour to celebrate my most beautiful mother with the rest of our family on what was a memorable evening.
  7. It was the best weekend of my life marrying Holly at Young Masters brewery in our home town of Hong Kong on April 8th 2017 exactly 6 years to the day that we met.
  8. We had a great weekend getaway in Taiwan to celebrate Darren and Joy’s wedding.
  9. I’m so pleased and happy after becoming a fully fledged property owner for the first time having sorted canary gateway for completion including final payments and mortgage and also a furniture package before my tenants moved in.
  10. We had a fantastic time catching up with family and friends in Bristol and London following Duncan and Jen’s wedding plus a great mini break to the Dordogne region of Southern France to visit the stunning chateau cazenac for our upcoming September wedding.
    10. We had a great time at Duncan and Jen’s beautiful barn wedding in Terbury.


1. Had a wonderful Christmas season including a two great evenings on Christmas Eve with Holly’s family and NYE at May and JC’s
2. Had a super relaxing time in Bali to visit Holly during her yin yoga training and a, so proud to see her excel in her course!
3. I’m so pleased that I was able to visit Bali with Holly and our family to celebrate David’s 60th/our engagement
4. I’m proud to have performed well during my RQ and passing despite being denied.
5. It was the best day of my life after my most beautiful Holly agreed to marry me in Inle lake, Myanmar.
6. We had the most fantastic time touring Burma being able to visit one of the worlds wonders in Yangon, exploring the beautiful Inle lake, taking a river cruise from Mandalay and a hot air ballon ride over the temples of bagan.
7. Had an awesome time at the Singapore Grand Prix with Richie head to celebrate his 30th bday present/getting married
8. Had a great getaway with my gorgeousness to the stunningly beautiful area of Coron in Palawan, island hopping and snorkelling among other things (Aug 23-30)
9. I’m was so happy for Jess and Si on their wedding day and so pleased I was able to make it here to celebrate with them
10. I’m so proud to have served as my fathers First Officer on his last flight as Captain before he retired and so happy to have shared so many wonderful times with my family over the years in Hong Kong before they moved back to the UK permanently.
11. Had the most beautiful wedding weekend catching up with so many wonderful family members and friends as Richard and Sabrina finally tied the knot.
12. We had the most fantastic time touring the Dolomites (despite the car accident and freezing cold) followed by a tour of the beautiful Slovena, including lake bled and the unbelievable Skojan caves, and also that of the fruili wine region (including dinner at la Subida) and finally Venice before heading to Santorini for Jessica and Andrew’s wedding.
13. Fantastic holiday in New Zealand including Mark and Kate’s stunning cliff side wedding followed by an epic tour of the South Island that included a wine tour in Marlborough, jet boating the buller gorge, skydiving in wanaka and kayaking on the waters of Milford sound.
14. We had the most fantastic time snorkelling with sea turtles and reef sharks in the Maldives/Also being able to watch the sunset from our very own sea bungalow (despite Holly being bitten by a trigger fish).
15. Amazing time skiing off piste at the Mecca of powder ski resorts in Niseko, Japan with great company in Stephie and Koa.


1. Great trip to Bavaria including an intense Octoberfest experience in Munich while visiting Daniel and Daniela before going to see some RWC matches in Cardiff and Twickenham (despite England getting knocked out early)!
2. We had the most incredible easy riders bike tour of Vietnam with Ashok and Ariane from Nha Trang up into the mountainous region around Dalat.
3. Had some nice summer trips with holly gobbles to Hua Hin in Thailand plus a work trip to Hyderabad, India.
4. Unbelievably magical road trip touring the island of Kryshu, Japan, including hiking around Yakushima, amazing food (highlight being Nagasaki) and fun times at the end with David, Theresa and Mamba in Fukuoka and Beppu.
5. Passing the most important milestone of my career to date and being handed my 3 bars as a fully fledged First Officer for Cathy Pacific after passing my QL.
6. Had a brilliant time snowboarding in central Japan visiting Shiga Kogen (including the infamous snow monkeys) and the beautiful town of Nozawa Onsen.
7. Watching the sunrise over the Siem Reap, Cambodia including a tour of its many beautiful temples.


1. Had the honour of flying with dad on one of my first trips as a Junior First Officer to Bangkok (the first of many)
2. Fantastic trip to Chang Mai in Northern Thailand including walking with some naughty elephants at a sanctuary for harmed elephants.
3. The most difficult and demanding period of my professional career in successfully completing my Junior First Officer upgrade with Cathay Pacific airways.
4. We headed back to Shanghai once again where Hollygobbles completed her yoga teachers after making the courageous decision to quit her job with Goldman Sachs.
5. We enjoyed an incredible 4×4 Iceland adventure tour for the chicken’s 30th birthday during our tour of Iceland. Other incredible highlights included snowmobiling atop Europe’s largest glacier and finding the coolest hidden little hot-spring with Adele.
6. I’m so proud to have ran the London marathon along with my brother exactly 30 years after dad despite all the setbacks in training.
7. Flying my last ever trip as an Second Officer to Rome with Dad.
8. Had a great foodie time exploring the stunning city of Florence with Hollygobbles on one of my last trips as an Second Officer.
9. We had the most amazing experience coming face to face with a Whale Shark in Donsol. On the same trip we swam with Sea Turtles in Bohol, also visiting the chocolate hills and spotting some cute little tarsiers (much like chicken gobbles)!
10. Fell in love with Vietnam during a short Hollydave where we explored Saigon and the Mekong delta before heading to the beautiful old merchant town of Hoi An.


1. Last work trip of year included an extended layover in Paris in which we enjoyed a very special New Year’s Eve and saw a single firework!
2. Had a great time partying in Slingapore at Wantings wedding.
3. Awesome Autumn holiday to New York, Montreal and Toronto where we ate and ate and ate (the chicken). Highlights included driving a Muscle car (Red camero convertible) to Niagra Falls and around Niagara on the lake on a beautiful autumns day, eating our way across the parkland of Montreal and watching a Broadway show all before Sharon and Matts wedding.
4. Some other memorable work trips included going to Sydney with Richie head to watch the Lions down the Aussies in their own backyard and also going on a short safari outside of Johannesburg where I got up close and personal with rhinos
5. The epic annual Hollydave this year was one of the best as we island hopped across Greece to Turkey then flew to Cappadocia before finishing in Istanbul. Highlights included watching the most magical Santorini Sunsets from our very own caldera balcony in Thira and an Unforgettable Hot Air Ballon ride with Butterfly Balloons in Cappadocia on a beautiful morning, the first time we met Vincy!
6. Had the great pleasure to serve as dad’s second officer once more as we delivered a brand new Airbus A330 (registration B-LBA) from Toulouse to Hong Kong. Had a few days over my birthday beforehand where we ate and explored a little on bike.
7. The cuds headed back to Bali for Ed and Adele’s wedding celebrations during which we tried our hand at a little surfing for the very first time.
8. Short getaway to Kuala Lumpur where we enjoyed visiting some shopping malls with models.
9. Some more memorable work trips. This time the cuds go to Sydney where we climb the infamous harbour bridge followed by an excellent meal.
10. Second ski Hollydaves took us back to Niseko. This time the whole Stagg family joined us for some awesome fun that included a wonderful meal at the Barn.


1. First trip to the UK together took us up to York then to Chardleigh green via Bath
2. Second destination wedding of the year took us back to Shanghai for Elaine’s wedding. We had a great time with great friends eating our way across Shanghai.
3. First of many destination weddings together was to Bali for Arun and Kate’s wedding shortly after I had broken my foot. I also took the opportunity to join Dad and Richard on his work trip to Johannesburg where we hopped (literally) on to a plane to Cape Town to watch SA took on the Pumas in the rugby championship.
4. Fantastic road trip touring the Baltics. Highlights included beer drinking in Lithuania, Holly falling off a bike in Latvia and exploring the beautiful medieval capital of Estonia, Tallinn.
5. First trip to Thailand together. The cuds headed to Bangkok and then the stunning limestone cliff enclave of Railey where we tried our hands at a bit of rock climbing and witnessed one the most spectacular sunsets. Happy cuds.
6. Our first ever skiing holiday together to Niseko Japan with the mushroom head. Fun times, aside from some snowboarding action, included the infamous ‘green leaf ou’ incident and a day exploring Sapporo (fish market/Sapporo beer museum and Sapporo’s annual ice festival)
7. More work trips including a long layover in the beautiful but cold Amsterdam where I was shouted out for suggesting that a cracker might go well with cheese! Also Richie head joined me on a trip to Sydney and we went to visit friends in Melbourne.


1. Surprised Dad for his 60th birthday by joining him and mum in Auckland for a week including the final of the RWC in which New Zealand narrowly beat France. Phew!
2. Short Hollydaves included trips to Shanghai, Tokyo, Kota Kinabalu and Taipei.
3. Went on many long-haul work trips. Highlights included a very special day in Roma which we explored together and also one to Abu Dabi where we went on a 4×4 sand dune tour!
4. Meet and fell in love with the one (a very special little chicken like creature).
5. Moved back to Hong Kong and officially began my career with Cathay Pacific Airways completing my Second Officer upgrade in the process (including being trained by my father).