Hi there and welcome to my very random blog. To share a little bit about myself – My name is David Stagg and I’m a commercial airline pilot living out of Hong Kong with a particular love for food, travel and writing. Over the years I’ve put together a collection of various holiday posts and layover guides in order to share some helpful tips (mainly on where to eat) should you find yourself in the same part of the world. Since my humble beginnings however, to allow myself greater creative license, I have decided to move away from simply travel writing, but to use this space to write about anything and everything I might be inspired by. Whether that’s just some general thoughts on life or a guide on certain projects I’m undertaking or indeed, simply another layover guide. At this stage I’m not sure but I’m excited by where it might lead. I view this space as a creative diary/organiser in which I can come to practice my limited skills as a writer, but also to organise my thoughts and work out where it is I’m trying to get to in life. While I’ve left it open to you the reader, please feel free to ignore my random ramblings. However if it does exceed my limited expectations and serve as some sort of inspiration, or even entertainment, then great! Should you also feel the need to add any comments or simply seek further advice about anything then please don’t hesitate to write a remark or get in touch. (Below is me pictured with my Dad in the cockpit during one of our very first trips together as father and son – a very special moment).

We had already landed if you were worried no one was flying the plane!

We had already landed if you were worried no one was flying the plane!

I should point all the opinions are my own – simply a collection of thoughts. I mean not to upset anyone by them, merely write down my feelings (usually consisting of either I’m tired or I’m hungry). Anyway I hope you enjoy.

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