Hello there! My name is David. I’m an airline pilot based out of Hong Kong and Layover Escapades is the blog I’ve created! That’s me pictured with my Dad in the cockpit during one of our very first trips together as father and son – a very special moment! (Sorry for the excessive number of exclamation marks)!

We had already landed if you were worried no one was flying the plane!

We had already landed if you were worried no one was flying the plane!

I mainly use Layover Escapades as a means to document my world of layover travel. This way I can keep track of the all the wonderful places I’ve visited and restaurants I’ve eaten in, but also refer it to friends, family and coworkers who might find it a useful source of inspiration (mainly as a list of places to eat). For those who are interested I’ve thrown in a few posts about certain holiday escapades as well. Yes, basically It’s an online scrapbook! Still, I hope it might serve as a useful guide for anyone else who happens to stumble upon my pokey little blog.

I should point all the opinions are my own – simply a collection of thoughts. I mean not to upset anyone by them, merely write down my feelings (usually consisting of either I’m tired or I’m hungry). Hence the majority of my blogs are layover guides that combine a series of walking tour itineraries with a love of food, photography and exploration in some of the world’s most vibrant cities… (How cliché was that sentence?) I hope you enjoy.


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