Wedding Speech # 2 – My Groomsman speech

Hello again and welcome to part 2 of my Wedding speeches series! Below is the groomsman’s speech I made at our September wedding event of last year in the spectacular Chateau Cazenac in the Dordogne, France. Below that are a few photos that our wonderful photographer Micheal took during a very changeable day in which we saw all 4 seasons in one epic day! (Should anyone be thinking of getting married in France, I can highly recommend him – – and also our wedding planners at Now the groomsman’s speech is perhaps the easiest but also one of the most important speech you’ll make – basically a series of heartfelt thank yous to everyone. As a general format I thought worked, I started by thanking everyone for coming, then addressed the bridesmaids, groomsmen, immediate family on both sides and finally my best man (in this case my brother) before toasting my beautiful wife. Throw in a couple of jokes along the way and ‘voila!’, there you have it – easy peasy! Hope you enjoy and once again a big thank you to all my friends and family who made that weekend so special. X


Good evening everyone and a very warm welcome to the beautiful Chateau Cazenac! Holly and I would like to begin by thanking you all for being here on this very special day. We feel particularly honoured given that ALL of you took the time and effort to travel from abroad. In particular I should mention my beautiful Auntie Eleanor and very close family friends the Majors plus partners who all traveled half way across the world to be here. For those who are unsure where New Zealand is (and I did look this up) it’s almost exactly that direction (point down). I think you may have overestimated just how much free booze is on offer this weekend! Anyway I won’t bore you by repeating what dad said, suffice to say we know that many miles were covered getting here so thank you all once more.

Now I have quite a few personal thank yous to make so please bear with me.

Firstly to Holly’s beautiful bridesmaids, Betty and Kay. You’ve both known Holly for far longer than I have and I know she can’t thank you enough for everything you have done over the years. She wanted me to make sure I say that you’re family to her. I’d like to add a personal thank you for supporting her decision to marry me!

To my very fine groomsmen. Beacher, Alex, Lakie and Tim. Beacher you’re my oldest friend and Alex whose beautiful wedding in Puglia just two weeks ago I had the great honour of being joint best man for with James. You guys have always been there… to laugh at me during my most difficult moments. Lakie and Tim – also some of oldest friends, you guys know all my darkest secrets… and still showed up today. Joking aside, Thank you for coming and supporting me guys – you’re all brothers to me.

Theresa and David my beautiful and generous parents in law and Victoria the exceptional maid of honour and now my sister. You’ve all welcomed me as part of your family from day one and I’ve never felt as anything less. Thank you so much for all the help and support in everything that’s gone into this weekend and well beyond. We’d be lost at sea without you and I couldn’t be prouder to call you my family today. I love you all.

On a side note, David you now have a son to help drink your alcohol…

Mum, Dad, From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much… for all the money you’ve given me! As a son I’ve not shown my gratitude nearly enough – Dad, you’re the most generous and supportive father and Mum, you’re the most caring and loving mother a son could ever wish to have. Thank you for all the help and support this weekend and for everything else. And while my gratitude falls well short please know I love you both so very much.

Now to my best man and my brother, the number 1 son… What can I say Richard? You’ve always been an exemplary role model. One I’ve consistently chosen to ignore. Nonetheless you’ve always had my back and never given up on me even though I gave up on myself a long time ago. You’re not just my best man and my brother but one of my closest friends. Thank you Richard – for everything.

We would just like to add a quick thank you to all those behind the scenes as well. Thank you to Caroline for the beautiful wedding favours. Nigel and Steve for bringing extra beer – just in case we didn’t have enough! To all the staff here – Adam and Miriam for coordinating today and helping to put all the pieces together along with our wedding planner Beth. Our fabulous caterers with Chez Amie and all their support staff. Not to mention our band the pulse who are gearing up for my epic moves on the dance floor plus our photographer Micheal and everybody else who we’ve forgotten. Thank you. You’ve worked so hard and we really appreciate your efforts.

Now before I mention my wife, I feel obliged to answer a question that everybody has been asking us. Why on earth are you having two weddings?

Given I’m now broke, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. The truth is Holly and I feel both this weekend and the one in Hong Kong are not so much about the two of us, but about all the people we hold dear in our lives. All of you have in some meaningful way made us who we are today and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such a beautiful group of family and friends. Quite honestly I’d have several more events if I meant I could get round to spending time with everyone we consider family. Sadly this isn’t possible but with two events we felt this gave us half a chance.

So, for those who don’t know yet Holly and I actually got married in Hong Kong on April 8th exactly 6 years to the day that we first met – thanks to Richard and Sabrina for introducing us – at a very classy bar called Al’s diner. It’s fair to say that since then I’ve not really grown up at all. Holly on the other hand has gone from strength to strength. Everyday I reap the rewards of your endless positivity and loving nature. Your drive to better yourself has been my inspiration that’s kept my own head above water. As I said in my vows, ‘there are no words with which I can do you justice. You’re the most beautiful and caring person in the world and I love you with all my heart.’

Ladies and gentleman if you’d do me a great honour and please raise a glass to my most gorgeous wife. Thank you.


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