Hungry in Hong Kong – 24 stops in 24 hours

I’d like to start this blog by apologising to my readers (so basically my mum and girlfriend) as It’s been a while since my last blog entry – about 18 months to be exact. Without getting into details, basically a great deal of work followed by a general lack of motivation to do much else got in the way. With things settled down and a renewed passion to get back to what I love doing, I’ve decided to take my finger out and start writing again. Anyway I thought I should ease my way back into it by finally committing to a blog on my home town of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is often used as a gateway by many traveling through south-east Asia from Europe, America or Australasia to elsewhere in the region. As such many rightly see fit to spare a day or two dedicated to exploring the organised chaos that is Hong Kong, to or from home. I could tell you to take that time by making your way up to see this giant Buddha or queue up for the peak tram to see Hong Kong’s ‘alternative view’ but really… What would I be telling you that the guidebooks haven’t already!? Not that these are bad options or things to be overlooked but to get real for a second, I’d like to tell you what Hong Kong is really about. Money. Haha, actually it’s two things; food and money. Since you’re probably not here to make money let’s talk food.

It was my brother’s idea, having seen a few YouTube clips of some crazy dudes making their way around various cities across America in an attempt to eat and/or drink at 24 establishments in 24 hours, he decided we should give it a go. And so, after drawing out a short-list of 24 places to eat and drink, – some old favourites and some to be tested for the first time – the date was set! August the 1st at exactly 830ish sharp! I decided to make a very short video as evidence that we did indeed succeed, albeit with some reinforcements, but also to give you readers a brief glimpse of what can be achieved in a small amount of time and with a very large appetite. Following that I’ve given a link to my ever-growing list of places to eat in Hong Kong should you feel inspired to something similar. Please enjoy and Bon Appetit!





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